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Oct 14, 2019
Ewald Lapioli
I like the comparison of your ideas to the Narnia Stories. It makes want to read this book.
Gayleen Rabakukk
Love this book SO much! I had one of my tutoring students read it & she is doing the creative writing activities for homework (love that you have additional content for a deeper dive!)
Heather Caspi
This is now on my gift list!
Daniela WEIL
congratulations again for your achievement! daniela
Kim Tomsic
My nephew LOVED this book!
Mimi Cross
This is already on my To Read list but I wanted to stop by and check out your SCBWI page :) Such a great cover...
Amazing cover. Intriguing story!
Sheryl Gwyther
Hi Samantha, this sounds like a fab book ... congratulations! It's doing well too by the sound of it. :) You've chosen a perfect template for it too!!
Trey Hays
I purchased this book at about 4 am this morning and read well into it! So intriguing!!!
Betty Vanderwielen
A fellow writer highly recommended this book to me.
Kathleen Doherty
Mercy! What a gorgeous book! You had me at the cover.
Danielle Hammelef
The premise is emotional and intriguing and the cover is beautiful.
Brenda Panella
Congratulations on your book! I have a copy of this book! I haven't read it, yet, but look forward to it :)
Alyssa Hollingsworth
I LOVE your gif version of your cover! And the cover in general. This sounds like an intriguing story.
Rehannah Azeeyah Khan
Wow! This seems to be a deep story and original concept. Well done!
Joan Swanson
Not knowing who you are and being by yourself is a really scary concept for kids. Sounds like a great read!
Marcia Strykowski
I've heard good things about this book and it's in my reading pile. Congratulations!
Looks exciting!
Dianne White
This was such a beautifully written book! Very powerful!
Love water related books so much! Looks great.
Suzanne Crowley
Can't wait to read your book. The cover is gorgeous! Congrats!
On my TO READ list! Looks beautiful!
Cynthia Leitich Smith
What a gorgeous and magical debut! Brava, rising star!
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