Mary Schmidt
“Kids can get hungry sometimes while on chemo,” says five-year-old Sammy, having a good day despite the malignant tumor invading his brain. Based on true events from the 1980s, Sammy’s story is imagined by his mother and brother as if the young boy might tell it himself. The result is gripping. Told in two parts, Sammy’s account first invites us into the everyday middle-American lives of a mom and her two boys. Sammy is a sweet, good-hearted kid, even as he faces the most difficult challenges in Part 2: “Cancer Arrived.” Here Sammy talks us through his "big battle" and Hero.
About the Book
M. Schmidt, Gene D. Donley
Fresh Ink, LLC and M. Schmidt Productions
Release Date
Mar 25, 2019
Middle Grade
Beverly J Smith
Allows us to walk in the Hero's steps and see his world for a little while. Thank you.
Emily Martin
What an important story to write!
Sally Beth Whitely
Anyone who has been affected by a loved one with cancer knows the daily heart-ache that goes with it.
Amy LeDuc
What a brave thing to do at age five! Such a struggle!
Carol L. Paur
Sounds like a touching story. Thank you for sharing.
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From the Author

"...galloping courage sets the pace and unfolding of designs of destiny evokes the emotions."

"Sammy's strength was drawn from his childlike faith."

"An extraordinary story about an inspirational child."

"The incidents of childhood playfulness are peppered lavishly for the readers to know Sammy and his world before the pernicious designs of cancer came into existence."

"All children who suffer from cancer and their families could benefit from, and relate to,
this short story."

"He was a hero since his conception."