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Oct 26, 2020
Darshana Khiani
Will have to check this out. Thanks!
June Dordal
Awesome book!
Gretchen Brandenburg McLellan
The cover and title hooked me and the premise intrigues. I look forward to discovering Alice and understanding her perspective.
Amanda Flinn
great concept for all.
Love the perspective!
Elise Parsley
We just added this one to our collection and it has been a great conversation starter with my 3-year-old (who is not a hugger!!). Congratulations, Deirdre!
Tracy Tsai
This is a great topic for kids and adults alike!
Karen Dockrey
I like the name Zara too :)
Karen Dockrey
CLEVER!! We work together to create affection, and this book encourages that lovely process. THANK YOU!
Aidan Cassie
Fantastic idea to share with kids, looking forward to seeing the whole thing!
Laurel Neme
Nice book to explore the issues of boundaries. So important in this era.
Sonja E McGiboney
Nice to teach awareness of others feelings.
Tory Christie
This is an awesome book, for anyone who likes or doesn't like hugs!
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