Benson Shum
There are many ways to go to “sheep” with this delightful bedtime board book that’s perfect for reading aloud!

You can sheep in your pj’s
or just underpants.
You can sheep all alone
but sometimes you can’t.

There are lots of ways to go to “sheep,” and here to show you all of the ways is an adorable…sheep! This bedtime book is perfect for a giggle before little ones drift off to sleep, just as the sheep does in this charming board book.
About the Book
Jennifer Sattler
Benson Shum
Little Simon (Simon & Schuster)
Release Date
Jan 22, 2019
Mary Meurer
Cute concept
Navita Gupta
This is cute.
Debra R.
Very cute book. Liked the idea of teaching little ones about going to sleep. So when they say they can't go to sheep, you can read them this book.
Leslie B.
The illustrations are so happy! I love to sheep and would love to read this to a little one before sleepy time.
I love the play on words. What a silly bedtime story.
Carmen F
catlin kramka
Love sheep and a good bedtime book about going to sleep. Nice illustrations too.
Kara Marsee
Awww...yes! I can picture a toddler saying "go to sheep" - cute and fun.
Susan E Catucci
Sweet! I love sheep, anything to do with sheep - looks like a perfect bedtime book!
Candice C
What sheepish wordplay! How fun!
The sheep look darling!
Amanda Flinn
This sounds like such a cute story!! Love wordplay and can just see a cute little toddler mimicking these words and saying "sheep" so naturally:)
Sally Beth Whitely
I love this little board book. It is adorable!
Nancy Oswald
Love the idea and the lovable sheep. I need this book to read to my husband when he can's sleep!
debra daugherty
Cute story idea and the cover art is great. I need this book to help me sheep at night.
David Cobb
I love the wordplay. And the sheep in underpants is too funny!
Amy R
The cover and the wordplay are adorable
Deb Lee
My only wish was for more excerpts. The small taste we're given hints at a fun tale that my toddler would enjoy before bed. (I can already hear him demanding, "Read it again!")
Barbara Nasser
Great bedtime story
Lisa Stauffer
I love a good pun and even little children will "get" this one!
Angela Dale
The title made me laugh. Looking forward to cracking the covers to sheep what it's all about.
Sue Schmitt
Love this book! Keep the sheep coming!
Patricia Hruby Powell
Sally Lotz
Cute and fun!
Lisa M Hascall (Kanazawa)
This is funny and adorable!
Sera Rivers
LOVE this title! and the premise is soooo cute!
Such an engaging title and illustrations! Just the type of book I’d love to read to the little people in my life.
Ha ha ha ha ha! Beautiful work, Benson. And hilarious.
Crystal Pham
Adorable! My boys would get a kick out of the underpants concept. Lol
Kathleen (K.M.) Waldvogel
Very cute idea!
Laura Ostrem
I love the cute, colorful and expressive sheep!
Maureen Busarello
Adorable idea. A perfect book for bedtime routines.
Shannon Quinn-Schneck
Very cute title and concept! I'm getting this one for my grandson!
There are never too many ways to encourage a child to sleep...
Hi Benson! Congratulations!! This is so cute!
Susan Romberg
Looks like a cute book for young readers.
Brooke Giles
Very clever title. Love it!
Angela Smith
Adorable! Love the title.
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