Dori Marx
New York City is in trouble!

Something strange is happening in Central Park. Dogs splash in fountains, ride skateboards, and act naughty all throughout the park. Their owners, their dog walkers, and even the park patrol can’t stop the wild behavior. Is something in the park making the pups crazy?

Ten-year-old Lilly Cook and her twin siblings, Fynn and Celia, remember the case that turned their parents into world famous veterinarians—with a little help from their kids, of course! Discover how the Cook kids learn to think like animals and work with new friends to protect our environment.
About the Book
Dori Marx
Ariel Landy
Noreaster Times LLC
Release Date
Sep 16, 2019
Chapter Book
Ade Bowen
This looks like a fun story with a serious message, and if it means helping children understand our fragile world a bit better, then it gets a thumbs up from me!
Paula Winfrey
What could be more charming and intriguing than dogs gone wild and the plan to bring things back to normal? Sure to capture the imagination of canine-lovers everywhere!
Phyllis Perry
Intriguing title.
Kathleen (K.M.) Waldvogel
I think kids will really enjoy this.
Laura Ostrem
This is a fun concept about dogs causing lots of naughty trouble, but the unraveling should keep kids hungering to turn the pages!
Maureen Busarello
Cute idea to have kids learn to think like animals. Sure to be popular.
Rebecca Bischoff
The great cover and illustrations really caught my attention. Sounds like a really fun read!
Daphne Jolley
Kids saving dogs and maybe the world? Win!
Cynthia Magriel Wetzler
This sound irresistible! Who won't love a story about lots of dogs causing havoc in New York City! Sounds like lots of fun.
Shannon Quinn-Schneck
Sounds like fun, and I love the Central Park setting and illustrations. I also want to look into Books 1 & 2!
Margo Jantzi
Eager to read.
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From the Author
My Wonder World Kids book series and website strive to bring global environmental issues closer to readers ages 7 and up by combining contemporary topics with animal adventures. I balance scientific information and observations with a touch of mystery and magic. It's hard for our kids to care about something that they can't relate to. I try to bring the world a little bit closer to home.
In an effort to support local culture and entrepreneurship, my books are illustrated by female artists living in the countries that the Wonder World Kids visit.