Alice B. McGinty
It's breakfast time around the world, in countries near and far. Wake up, world! It's time to eat, no matter where you are.

Children everywhere are waking up for breakfast, but what do they eat? In Japan students eat soured soybeans called natto. In Brazil, even kids drink coffee -- with lots of milk!

What do you eat for breakfast?

Come along and explore what kids in twelve countries around the world eat for the most important meal of the day!
About the Book
Alice B. McGinty
Tomoko Suzuki
little bee books
Release Date
Feb 5, 2019
Navita Gupta
I am getting this book for my son who absolutely loves different foods from different cultures! I love this concept...
katherine fenn thomas
Can't wait to read it! Every classroom should have this book on the shelf!
Ruth Goring
This is such a fun concept, & it's beautifully realized.
Amy Beth
I love the subject and illustrations. Just added this book to my to give list for nephews this Christmas. Thanks!
Kim T.
Great idea for a kids book. Nicely done!
Susan Johnston Taylor
This looks adorable! Can't wait to read it.
Christy Goodman
What a clever introduction to various cultures!
Debra Daugherty
Congratulations, Alice. What a lovely way to learn about other cultures and their cuisines, with this rhyming book.
Adriana Bergstrom
Loved this book! The illustrations were a wonderful voyage around the world learning what people everywhere eat for breakfast.
Adorable text and illustrations will draw kids in - and what kid doesn't love food? Nice way to introduce young children to different cultures!
Bianca Montalvo
I own this book and love it. They go through so many countries while rhyming beautifully and keeping the story engaging. There are also great side stories within the illustrations. A must for teachers during cultural diversity lessons.
I'm doing a world cultures study with my kids this year. This book looks perfect!
It doesn't get much better than this. Worldwide cuisine, gorgeous illustrations, and one of the best PB authors around. Yay, Alice!!!
Tracy Tsai
A yummy way to introduce kids to food cultures around the world!
Rebecca Bischoff
Looks like a fun and informative read. Great way to teach kids about people around the world.
Annette Bay Pimentel
Looks great!
Eileen Meyer
This book is a breakfast of champions!
Susan Romberg
I love studying food culture. I need to get this book!
Lela Nargi
Sweet—literally and figuratively.
Elizabeth Pagel-Hogan
Breakfast is my favorite meal - I have to get this book.
Adele Gardner
Breakfast is my favorite meal, bar none! I can't wait to learn more about some of the many exciting breakfast options enjoyed in the world--and possibly try them myself!
Nadine Pinede
Thank you for helping us travel the world through food!
Melissa Stewart
Ooh la la! I can't wait to read this book.
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