Melissa Koch
Have you gone forest bathing recently? Heard what trees are saying to each other? In Forest Talk: How Trees Communicate, scientists from diverse backgrounds reveal what trees say to us and to each other. Trees and forests are essential to all life on Earth. We need forests to help maintain the cycles that keep our air and water healthy. Trees and forests need us to protect them from destruction and degradation. Investigations and data collection by biologists, ecologists, foresters, and other scientists help protect trees. You can help too. Learn how to listen when trees talk.
About the Book
Melissa Koch
Lerner Publishing Group
Release Date
Jan 1, 2019
Becky Ferrigno
Wow. What an important book during this time in history.
Brie Dickey
This sounds like an interesting topic and one I haven't read before.
Annette Bay Pimentel
I love this topic!
Lela Nargi
The communication of plants is one of my favorite topics—excited to see this!
Elizabeth Pagel-Hogan
I've been reading a lot about trees lately and I can't wait to check this one out!
Adele Gardner
With my love of trees and concern for the planet, I'm so grateful to see this book. I loved The Secret Life of Trees, and I can't wait to read this and add to my knowledge.
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From the Author
"Life on earth is inconceivable without trees."
— Anton Chekhov, nineteenth-century Russian author

Reviews of Forest Talk:

“Packed with fascinating information, inspiring stories, and a call to action, this book delivers a powerful message in an effective package. – Kirkus Reviews

“Outdoorsy readers of all types will enjoy this title. A good choice for ecology units, science classes, and budding scientists as well.” – School Library Journal

“An intriguing volume that describes the surprising hidden lives of trees and underscores their key role in our world.” – Booklist