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Sep 20, 2020
A clever way to show children how to control emotions. I'm sure they'll relate to the dragon.
Good way to talk about tempers and emotions.
Kristin Lenz
Congrats! I appreciate this story on many levels - as an author, a social worker, and a mother!
Susan E Catucci
Perfect age group to begin dialogue about emotions.
Love your use of language.
Sally Beth Whitely
Sounds very good! and the cover is so cute!
Barbara Nasser
Love the cover!
Daphne Jolley
What a great way to talk to kids about emotions - and get them to want to read it, too!
Love that it teaches how to manage emotion!
Francine Sweet
Anger Management, controlling strong emotions, and focusing on what’s important to us are all important issues addressed in a fun, non-threatening manner. Great job!
Of course dragons flame too much! This makes all the sense in the world -- and it's a great way to talk with kids about how to handle strong emotions. Nice.
Lisa M Hascall (Kanazawa)
Looks like a great story for kids learning to manage their own emotions!
Laura Ostrem
Dragons are a sure-fire kid pleaser, and this is a good way to help kids think about ways to control their anger.
This looks like an engaging way to address an important life skill! I love the cover illustration!
Raven Eckman
What a great way to help kids understand their anger and other confusing emotions!
Barbara Cairns
Looks like a cute story, Michelle. Love the descriptions!
Sharon Stanley
Always fun to see another Angel with a new book. Many congrats and best wishes to both you and K.C.!
Claire Noland
Congratulations on the publication of Dragon Amy's Flames. It looks like a perfect book to help children learn to deal with their emotions.
Karen J Moore
This sounds like a wonderful book for kiddos having difficulty expressing their emotions. Love the cover.
Controling emotions is such an important topic for children. Excited to read and share this book with little ones.
Love the cover. Great topic.
Donna McDine
What a delightful book and lovely book cover. Good luck!
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