Kesta Fleming
Marlow Brown dreams of being a scientist, but when her chaotic home experiments drive Mum crazy, Marlow runs the risk of being banned from experimenting altogether. Surely there must be something she can do to keep on Mum’s good side while still continuing to follow her dream…
About the Book
Kesta Fleming
Marjory Gardner
Celapene Press
Release Date
Oct 1, 2019
Chapter Book
Sue Steckart Jarosh
Great book to show a girl interested in Science. Awesome inspirational topic for kids!
Laura Renauld
Yay for chapter book - STEM!
Girls and science - a big hooray!
Sonja E McGiboney
Reminds me of middle school science fair experiments.
Susan Johnston Taylor
This sounds like an adorable way to get girls excited about STEM!
Sally Beth Whitely
Very smart and compelling!
Love stories about girl scientists.
Laurel Neme
Looks like a great book! Can't wait to check it out!
Love that it shows a girl in science, we need more books like these.
Lisa M Hascall (Kanazawa)
Sounds like a fun science adventure!
Linda C. Nobis
It's a wonderful way to introduce young people to science! I also like how the heroine has to persevere through opposition and mess, both essential elements of the scientific method.
Maureen Busarello
I which I had seen this when I was still teaching. I was always on the lookout for STEM topics for the science-loving/reading-hating students. Good luck!
Sheryl SR
Always follow your dreams! Great read!
Gila Green
All things my own girls love on the cover: science and dogs!
Stephanie Ward
Go STEM girl! What a great concept for a chapter book that makes science fun.
Barbara Miller
Good reading, Kesta
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From the Author
I hope young readers fall in love with Marlow Brown. She's a girl who's interested in everything. She has a zest for life and an enquiring mind; when an idea takes hold, she explores it no matter what.

In this first book she is smitten by science, and against increasing odds goes all out to emulate her eccentric Uncle Q who has some pretty amazing experiments going on in his conservatory. Book 2 will see her try on a different but equally non-gender-stereotypical hat.

This is the first in a humorous series which is unassuming in its inclusive treatment of both gender and culture.