Tilly Culbertson
In this first book of The Back to God Game series, six-year-old Alden and his Granna are returning home from a long trip and are playing the traditional "I Spy" game. Her grandson is tired of playing so she remembers a game she played with her son when he was little and invites him to play.The game involves taking anything on Earth and tracing it back to creation. At first, the boy doesn't believe that everything comes from something that was on Earth at creation, but soon he realizes that God provided everything we need and that's why we thank Him for everything He has given us.
About the Book
Tilly Culbertson
Kerrie Robertson
Blessed Press LLC
Release Date
Oct 1, 2019
Leveled Readers
Sue Steckart Jarosh
This is a great book to help kids understand how God is such an important part of our lives.
Kim Hintze
Wonderful idea! Love seeing Christian books for children.
Bringing God to the children in a game! Beautiful!
Kara Heaphy
Great idea, unique way to open children's eyes God's presence in our lives
EG Moore
I love the idea behind this. What a fun way to learn gratitude!
Joyce K. Ellis
I love this fresh approach to help ground kids in the source of life. Applause, applause, applause!
Sally Beth Whitely
This is very refreshing to teach our kids and grandchildren about God's creation.
Mark Phillips
What a fun way to instill gratitude for God's grace in young people.
Laura Ostrem
This looks like a fun and natural way to get kids thinking about where things come from and how we should express gratitude.
Crystal Pham
What a great way to get children thinking about God as they go about their day.
Julianne Noel
What a wonderful concept. I love the way it inspires the child to seek out ways to thank God. Congrats! Best, Julianne Noel J.NOEL
Barbara Freas
Lovely book.
Carol Paur
Sweet story of faith and family. Thanks for sharing.
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From the Author
I've always wanted to write a book and people are always telling me, "You need to write a book!" For many years, the concepts in The Back to God Game have been searching for their place in some kind of format. As I've shared these ideas over the years, I've gotten wide eyes and puzzled faces..."What do you mean everything goes back to God?" It wasn't until I shared with my grandson, Alden, and suggested we play a form of the game, that the words and the story found a resting place as a read-aloud book that both children and adults could share.