Mison Kim
FRUITS, Spanish Bilingual (The Eric Hoffer Award-Winning Book for Excellence in Independent Publishing), is a gloriously-illustrated board book designed to make learning a new word an experience to be cherished.

Young children learn through play and interaction. Colorful and engaging FRUITS provides an opportunity to interact, in fresh new ways. Every page turn in FRUITS is a chance to use your child’s innate ability to perceive, to help strengthen creative thinking, and to have FUN!

Look for TOYS and BUGS in this series, too. (Chinese and Korean bilingual versions, also available.)
About the Book
Mison Kim
Mison Kim
Release Date
May 25, 2019
A fun bilingual book.
Susan E Catucci
This is a beautiful book. The fact that it incorporates another language is a wonderful way to teach children about different cultures - fun!
Ruth Goring
Children really do respond to beauty. I love seeing real art in board books. Well done!
Carol L. Paur
Lovely, bright colors!
This looks so appealing!
Debra Daugherty
Beautiful illustrations and fun text is a great way to learn other languages.
David Cobb
I think even I could learn a foreign language with these. The illustrations are so bright and vibrant.
Bianca Montalvo
These bright colors and simple designs are a winner. Great way to learn words in a new language.
Deb Lee
Really appreciate the artist's bright colors and bold line work
Michele C Rebal
Graphics are great for young children. My 5 year old would love this since she loves fruit. Such a great concept!
Lisa M Hascall (Kanazawa)
Love the design of these books. Easy to understand and read in multiple languages - great!
John W. Nassivera
Every Picture Tells a Story I'm looking forward to sharing this with my grandchildren and seeing their expressions as they discover shapes, colors, and different views of the object through vibrant art.
The stained glass effect of this book is simply gorgeous. Beautiful work. Congratulations!
Phyllis Perry
Glad to see this bilingual book on fruits.
Laura Ostrem
What great bold colors illustrate the concepts of this bilingual board book!
Rebecca Bischoff
I need more bilingual books for my students! Love the colorful cover. This looks great.
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From the Author
My Dooleyglot Books are designed to provide parents, and caregivers, a means for tying images to words, and words to experiences they have with their children. It is very important that parents spend the time to interact with their children early and often. This makes all the difference in expanding a child's lifetime potential.

Learning should be fun!