Gila Green
Broken-hearted after losing her only brother in a terrorist attack, 17-year-old Yael Amar seeks solace on an elephant conservation program in South Africa’s Kruger National Park. She is soon catapulted into a world harmonious with nature where she can heal and devote herself to wildlife. Soon her heaven on earth is seething with blood and betrayal and she is warned that she is no match for the evil that lurks in the men’s hearts around her. Now she has a secret she must keep from the people she loves the most if she is to stand against the murderous forces that threaten Kruger.
About the Book
Gila Green
Stormbird Press
Release Date
Sep 17, 2019
978-1-925856-17-0 (pbk) 978-1-925856-18-7 (ebk)
Young Adult
Patricia Hruby Powell
So many issues that intrigue: terrorist attack, animal care as healing force, secret!
Congrats to Gila on yet another creation... you are my inspiration.
Kathryn Schleich
Congratulations, Gila on your latest book! How you do it all continues to inspire and amaze me!
Jill Sadowsky
Gila; You never cease to amaze me with your wealth of Ideas. Although I was born in South Africa, Zi have never visited one of the game reserves there. I am looking forward to reading this book. Is there any way I can purchase it in Israel? Best of luck.
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From the Author
If you're a fan of eco/environmental fiction, No Entry is the book for you, particularly if you are interested in elephants and the dangers of elephant extinction. I wrote this novel, the first in a series, because it's never been a more dangerous time to be an elephant.

In No Entry, Canadian teenager, Yael Amar, signs on to an elephant conservation program and ends up coming face to face with violence, greed, murder, and the taste of a very real danger for all of us: elephant extinction.