Christine L. Villa
“Will you still love me if I love to chew? Will you still love me if I stick to you like glue?” Unlike other "I love you" picture books, in this bedtime story, an adorable puppy who’s always up to playful antics, questions a little girl’s love for her. Each question is paired with a delightful haiku. This tale about unconditional love and friendship comes full circle, spring to spring, yet is timeless, featuring charming illustrations and playful text.

This picture book is for kids and adults of all ages. It also includes a few pages with an introduction to haiku and more examples.
About the Book
Christine L. Villa
Jiliane Vilches
Purple Cotton Candy Arts
Release Date
Dec 15, 2019
Picture Book
Linda Hatfield
Love the illustrations and who doesn't love Haiku? :-)
Jean Alfieri
Absolutely charming! And any pet owner can relate!
Carol L. Paur
Cute! Makes me think of my own pets I used to have.
Christine L. Villa
Thank you so much to Alan, Stephanie, and Tienny! I enjoyed reading your comments.
Stephanie F Dumas
Yes, a book that explores unconditional love in spite of imperfections and antics! You beautifully present this message of love through a very endearing character and series of situations.
Alan Summers
Love the cover and love the illustrations inside too! Another great book from Purple Cotton Candy Arts, and Chrissi and Jiliane!!! A seriously lovely book!!! Alan
This is a good question to pose to people on love.
Christine L. Villa
Thank you so much to Nicole, Rebecca, and Susan for the taking the time to leave a comment. :-) Much appreciated!
Nicole Bennion
How fun to use haikus!
Rebecca kenyon
Love this Haiku story!
Susan Beth Furst
Will you still love me if? How many of us, both people and their pets, have asked this important question? You will love the haiku and fanciful illustrations! A must have haiku story!
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This picture book, to be priced at $12, will be released in mid-November and will be available on Amazon. If you pre-order my book, you get a discount of 50%. It's only $6 plus shipping before its release! Hurry and order your signed copy now! For complete details, email me at chrissivilla@gmail.com.