Pam Slattery
Cobber is a cassowary living in the Wet Tropics region of north eastern Australia who is trying to find his true purpose for being in the rainforest. The story follows Cobber on his quest to find his true purpose as he asks the many creatures that he meets along the way, but none are able to answer his question. Finally, Cobber is enlightened by a wise owl who explains how very important Cobber's purpose is in the rainforest and that the answer had been right behind him all the time.
About the Book
Pam Slattery
Pam Slattery
Boolarong Press, Brisbane, Australia
Release Date
Aug 24, 2020
Picture Book
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From the Author
Cobber has received great reviews:

“Cobber is a delightfully engaging story, which is both educational and visually appealing. I’m sure this Aussie tale will become a firm favourite for children and a valuable resource for teachers of children in the Early Years.” Lyn Farrington ~ Early Years Educator

“The story line is great and will give kids (in the school context) much to discuss and innovate on. The illustrations are amazing! The details and profiles of the animals at book is a wonderful idea and just adds that educational dimension." Kate Bennett ~ Stage 1 teacher NSW.