Sarah Maury Swan
In September of 1941, seventeen-year-old Jonathon Thomas is a high school senior in Los Angeles, CA, when his world is in great peril. His father is missing and his grandfather has died fighting the Japanese. Plus, the principal of his school has warned the students to be on the lookout for spies. How is Jonathon going to recognize a spy? And why are his neighbors being murdered? And why are people breaking into his house? All this is going on while he has constant nightmares about yet another earthquake destroying him and his family. His girlfriend seems to be his only hope for salvation.
About the Book
Sarah Maury Swan
Jera Publishing/Ingram Spark
Release Date
Jan 20, 2020
Young Adult
Sarah Maury Swan
Well try as I might I still have an error in my piece. This story takes place in September of 1942.
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From the Author
I'm sure my writing is similar to other writers, but I can't think of other than Sandra Warren offhand. However, I have noticed a trend of having a missing parent and an element of mystery in the story, Perhaps because I like to read mysteries. I also like to have a little humor in my books. Feel free to tell me who my books remind you of. Of course, all my books have a bit of me and my life experiences in them. And most of them have some relevance to what's going on in the world at the time of my writing them. Hope you read and enjoy them. Sarah, who is always a storyteller.