Farida Mirza
A humorous conversation between Jimmy and his Dad who disagree on many things. Jimmy loves monsters, his Dad hates them. Jimmy loves to make noodles with cheese and chocolate chips. His Dad can't bear to look at the dish! The good thing is that Jimmy and his Dad agree to disagree.

For 6-12 years.

Salient features:

- Fun to read text in verse form.
- Alternate pages list word-opposites or antonyms that children find in the text.
- The font is large to make the book reader-friendly for the visually challenged.
- Promotes awareness, tolerance and respect for others' points of view.
About the Book
Farida Mirza
Release Date
Feb 1, 2018
• ISBN-13 : 978-1980265085
Picture Book
Stephanie Gibeault
It looks like there are a lot of learning opportunities in this book. The layers include appreciation for different opinions and understanding opposite words. And the rhyming story will be fun to read aloud.
Good way to teach kids difference of opinion.
Saadia Moosa
Love this book!!
Caroline Waszek
Good subject matter. The word list is a great learning tool for kids too. Can't wait to read it.
Atif R. Mohammed
My son loves your books. I am sure he would love this one too. It sure sounds interesting and a fun read. Will buy it soon, InshAllah.
A great topic, well written and fun to read.
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From the Author
Some reviews on Amazon for 'I See Things From Where I Am'

- The concept of this book is fantastic. It conveys differing perspectives at first in a very literal way and then in more abstract ways. It shows how it’s okay to have different opinions. The book shows it through a father and son but it could apply to any relationship, even among friends. This is a great life lesson for kids. I really liked how the author incorporated antonyms into the verses.
- Educational picture book teaching the concept of opposites. There is humor in the book.
- Fun rhyming story - great for reading out loud!