Bridgette Koll
Levi is not your typical 12-year-old. From a young age, he found a love for
motors and anything with moving parts. Levi learned how things worked
and developed the ability to fix things that were broken. This is what landed
Levi a job at Fred's Garage. Levi would love to take you along and fill your
“garage” with mechanical knowledge. You will learn the “how and why” of
auto mechanic repair and maintenance. In this book, Levi will take you step
by step through changing brake pads. He will teach you why they need to
be replaced, the tools you need to use, and the process of replacing them.
About the Book
Bridgette Koll
Bridgette Koll
Self Publisher
Release Date
Mar 12, 2020
Leveled Readers
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From the Author
Trade is awesome and it is my reason for my book series! I want kids to read things they like and some kids wanna fix things and get their hands dirty! I want my book to drawn in a reader a lot like my son. He is a kid that didn’t find interest in the “average” book and could not really follow story lines... they were boring, but he could tell you every part on a John Deere tractor 🚜 ! I can not wait for you all to read it!