Michelle Medlock Adams
Cuddle up close with this collection of toddler-friendly prayers. These simple prayers cover everything little ones may want to talk to God about, such as asking for help, thanking God for food or friends, or just talking about what they think and feel. With its cushy, padded cover and sturdy pages, Cuddle-Up Prayers is durable enough to withstand years of use from growing kids. As you spend time praying with your child, they will quickly discover that any time is a good time to talk to God.
About the Book
Michelle Medlock Adams
Mernie Gallagher-Cole
Hachette Book Group
Release Date
Jan 28, 2020
Michelle Medlock Adams
Jean Petersen
We love this beautiful book to snuggle up with and share these prayers. "Cuddle-Up-Prayers" is a wonderful children's book to develop prayer time and praise for everyday things, big and small.
Joy McPherson
Just adorable! We are always eager to cuddle up together as a family to read one of Michelle’s books! Always engaging and fun!!!
Janet Johnson
Such a great book to help answer questions about God.
Wendy Lanier
Love these little prayers about everyday things. Great model for kids to follow.
Parents can enjoy snuggle time with their little ones while teaching them that God is very near and always hears their prayers. “Cuddle -Up Prayers” is the perfect companion to family devotional time.
John Riddle
This is another AWESOME book from a very gifted and talented author! Michelle's books never fail to disappoint the reader, and I very much enjoy looking forward to her next title.
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From the Author
If you're a parent or grandparent, you know that one of the sweetest times we have with our little ones is when we cuddle up in the chair and read together. "Cuddle-Up Prayers" is the perfect book for those precious moments because it helps your little one understand the importance of prayer and shows them how to pray on their own.

Cuddle-Up Prayers received Second Place in the Nonfiction Children's Book of the Year category in the 2020 AWSA Golden Scrolls.