The Girl
Victory Witherkeigh
What if you were told from the moment you were born that you were evil?

Already a finalist for Killer Nashville’s Claymore Award in 2020, The Girl follows a nameless main character only known as The Girl. She’s been told since a very young age that she was a mistake, a demon who shouldn’t have been born. Shunned by her parents, she’s shuffled between her parents’ and grandparents’ homes until her eighteenth birthday. The Girl is baffled by her ordinary life in Los Angeles. For all intents and purposes, she’s just like everyone else. That is, until the Demon comes to claim her.
About the book
Victory Witherkeigh
Cinnabar Moth Publishing
Release Date
Dec 6, 2022
Young Adult
Victory Witherkeigh
Victory Witherkeigh writes for primarily young adult audiences, mainly in the genres of dark fantasy and horror. She hopes to reach children both in age or spirit, whose idea of fairytales was filled with the American dream of white picket fences and Hallmark family faces. Her muse is the realm of the underworld: dark shadows, dual identities, family secrets, emotional and physical scars, whispers from the ancestors of the ages and glories long gone, for those who walk the tightrope along with those who’ve learned to hide or harness their pain from the world.
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