Mattie and the Machine
Lynn Ng Quezon
Mattie is a mechanic at Columbia Paper’s bag factory. With sales booming after the Civil War, her boss expands the formerly all-female workforce with his old Army comrades, including the mechanic Frank. Romance sparks between the mechanics, and Mattie’s over the moon—until she learns Frank's paid more. The boss’s rationale? Men are naturally better with machines.

Thus Mattie proposes a bet. If she can build an improved bag machine, the women get equal pay. If she fails, she’ll resign as mechanic. The boss agrees on one condition: Frank will also build a machine, and Mattie’s must beat his.
About the book
Melinda Ng
Santa Monica Press/Teen
Release Date
Nov 8, 2022
Young Adult
Lynn Ng Quezon
Mattie and the Machine is based on the life of inventor Margaret E. Knight. Go to for a free book companion!
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