Crystal Child
The Diamond Star Saga
Carol Kauffman
"ADD - does that stand for Awfully Dumb Ditz?" The bully's words sting. Kristal has attention deficit disorder, and her twin brother, Tad, has autism. The bully calls him an alien. Kristal and Tad are different from their peers, but their challenges have only brought them closer.
Until January 22, 2027, that is, when a terrifying force rips them apart. Tad disappears into thin air and Kristal finds herself in a world so bizarre she's sure she must be dreaming. Slowly - she learns the truth. She's been teleported - to a star. And she's the Crystal Child - the only one who can save humanity.
About the book
Carol Kauffman
Isaac Kauffman
Fulton Books
Release Date
Sep 1, 2022
978 1 63710 089 9
Chapter Book
Carol Kauffman
I'm so excited to share my first full length saga - spanning three decades and unfathomable distances in outer space, it's also a testament to grit, determination, integrity, teamwork, and above all, compassion for each other and Mother Earth herself.
Do you know anyone who has been diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety, learning disabilities, autism, or other brain-body challenges? Then join my mission - along with others dedicated to improving the lives of all humans and animals. And one of the most important tools you can use is - language! Use its power for good. Speak kindly.
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