Learning to Navigate Through My Social-Emotional World
an interactive journal for kids
Ryann Mojica
Learning to Navigate Through My Social-Emotional World is an interactive book that teaches kids the importance of social and emotional intelligence. This book is divided into five different parts: Emotions, Kindness, Empathy, Self-love, and Problem Solving. This book is a self-guided journal to help kiddos understand their different emotions, the importance of expressing their emotions, recognizing the feelings of others, and being kind to themselves and others.
About the book
Ryann Mojica
Ryann Mojica, Lulu
Release Date
Aug 23, 2022
Leveled Readers
Ryann Mojica
I wrote Learning to Navigate Through My Social-Emotional World because social and emotional intelligence is such a crucial aspect of navigating through life.

My mission is to just change one life. If this book can change one life and help one kiddo learn how to navigate through their world- I did my job.

I hope that this book changes the lives of our future generation and teaches them how to create a world where it is only filled with kindness, love, compassion, and empathy.
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