Perchance to Dream
A Story of Love, Loss and Second Chances
Tamara Belko
The sudden and tragic death of her mother has transformed sixteen-year-old Grace, leaving her broken and longing for the days when her mother held their family together. Grace’s own near drowning accident has taken the life of the kind stranger who tried to save her. With her mother no longer there for Grace to turn to, her relationship with her father, a washed-up musician, becomes strained. Grace finds solace and remedy from the numbness in sharp edges and shiny points. A move to a new town brings a new start, new love, and hope when she meets Xander, a high school musician who brings music
About the book
Tamara Belko
Pen it Publications
Release Date
Feb 16, 2022
Young Adult
Tamara Belko
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2022 Young Adult Semifinalist Kindle Book Awards
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