Chelsea DiCicco
For eight-year-old Malory, who has ADHD, school can be a difficult place. Whether she's daydreaming or interrupting, sometimes, it makes people angry. Malory doesn't mean to get distracted, but she can't help it.

Ms. Julie, her art teacher knows what it feels like to think a little differently. Being born with autism, she found comfort in art. In this inspiring neurodiverse story, Malory will discover that with a little love and support from friends, you can do anything and along the way learns the importance of believing in yourself and embracing your differences.
About the book
Chelsea Radojcic-DiCicco
Leonie Cheetham
Lulu Press
Release Date
Feb 21, 2021
Picture Book
Chelsea DiCicco
Growing up with ADHD, I had a lot of moments of feeling misunderstood. I firmly believe children should see themselves in the books they read. When you see yourself in a book and can relate to that character, you no longer feel as alone. That's why I wanted to write and share this book.

Unlike many books about ADHD, this book is unique because it's being told from a child's perspective. My hope is that Malory's story helps families of children with ADHD, as well as kids and educators to better understand the common thoughts and feelings that ADHD children have.
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