A celebration of bodies and play for yoga-loving parents and little ones.
Amanda Flinn
Reaching, bending, rocking, and swaying are just a few of the moves a bouncy little baby tries when her mother practices yoga throughout the day. In the midst of a busy day, yoga turns out to be a surprising source of connection, fun, and giggles for mother and child. Surprising and silly, Yoga Baby proves that it's never too early for parents and children to explore together what their bodies can do--never too early, in short, for the life-giving practice of yoga!

A guide in the back of the book provides tips and tricks for incorporating yoga into daily life with a young child.
About the book
Amanda Flinn
Shane Crampton
Beaming Books
Release Date
Jun 9, 2020
Amanda Flinn
Over the last few years I’ve been learning the ropes of freelance writing and traditional publishing as I work to build a career as a children’s author. It’s been a leap of faith and a lot of hard work, but I’ve met wonderful people along the way and continue to be encouraged and supported by my husband and three boys — who don’t love to read but have a mom who does.

One of my passions is helping other writers succeed, and I specialize in rhyming picture books. If you have a manuscript needing extra attention, I'd love to chat about my affordable critique services.
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