Important Things Every Kid Should Know to Survive Middle School
Follow God, Try New Things, and Don't Freak Out
Sandy Silverthorne
Do you remember those awkward years between ages 11 and 14? Sandy Silverthorne does, and he wants to equip your child with practical advice on how to manage the maze of this confusing time of life.

This thorough (and thoroughly humorous) guide contains helpful hints on how to get over middle school phobia, what to expect on the first day, why following the rules is important, and much more.

There are also a variety of lists and questionnaires to help kids determine where they fit in, and what activities they might try.

Cartoon illustrations and devotions throughout.
About the book
Sandy Silverthorne
Sandy SIlverthorne
Harvest House
Release Date
Apr 1, 2020
Middle Grade
Sandy Silverthorne
If you, your child or your grandchild is about to enter the amazing world of Middle School, this book is for you!

It's written in a kid-friendly, fun style and deals with everything from making friends, to choosing your classes, to handling homework.

We've got Top 10 lists, hilarious cartoons and quizzes that will help you find out where you'll fit in this brand-new world of Middle School.
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