Blakey and Conroy Go to the Beach
Mary Tuohy
Blakey and Conroy are four-year-old twin bears. They live happily with Mommy and Daddy Bear in Hollow Pine. The twins love using their imaginations and going on outings, but sometimes they are impatient. There is always a lesson to learn when Mommy and Daddy Bear are around. Will the cubs be able to get through an entire beach day by being patient and following safety rules? Will the day be filled with laughter and fun? Only the Bear family knows for sure.
About the book
Mary Tuohy
Mary Tuohy
Page Publishing, Inc.
Release Date
May 24, 2022
Leveled Readers
Mary Tuohy
The idea for Blakey and Conroy Go to the Beach came to me when my son was five years old. The story is about his favorite teddy bears with a little bit of our own family experience thrown in. The location is also a nearby beach we have visited many times over the years.
The world around me has always been an inspiration. I love nature. Also my children have always inspired me as well as the children in my scout troops and schools I have worked in. Children are amazing and they teach us as well.
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