We’re Gross Butt We Can’t Help It!
Yucky Stuff Animals Love To Eat!
Sally Reichert
Visit the gross world of animals’ disgusting eating habits, from blood to butts to barf. Find out the absolutely dreadful things some creatures eat and the nasty ways some animals get their food. From spiders eating their moms to frogs living in poop, you will discover lots of disgusting information. Even though their diets may seem sickening to us, it is just what some animals need for survival. In fact, their existence depends on these unpleasant habits. Enjoy funny text, amazing photographs, and surprising highlights, while learning some vulgar facts about animals, but try not to gag!
About the book
Sally Reichert
Tailgator Press
Release Date
Oct 19, 2021
Sally Reichert
I wrote this book after teaching elementary school for 28 years and learning what students really like to read. For some students, the grosser the book the better. This book accomplishes that while teaching interesting (and gross) facts.
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