DJ and Lionel: Brave
Daniella Noel
DJ has a special hat that can transport him to a magical land where he can laugh, learn, and play alongside his best friend, Lionel the lion. One day, DJ shares with Lionel that he admires his bravery and hopes to be as courageous as him someday. DJ loves the way Lionel climbs huge mountains and ventures through dark forests.

However, Lionel reminds DJ that bravery doesn’t always mean doing extraordinary things. In this heartwarming story of encouragement and friendship, readers will join DJ as he spends time with Lionel and is reminded of all the ways he shows bravery in his everyday life.
About the book
Daniella Noel Osman
Sof'ya Glushko
Self Published
Release Date
Aug 5, 2022
Daniella Noel
Thanks for reading my book! They're also available in French!
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