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This is your instruction guide to help you prepare your SCBWI BookStop page.


1. Log in to using your email and password on the SCBWI homepage.


2. Scroll down to “My SCBWI BookStop” on the left-hand side of your Member Profile and click on the purple “My SCBWI BookStop”.


3. You will need to purchase an SCBWI BookStop for $25 before you can begin creating your page. Our site will lead you through the payment process.


4. Once you’ve purchased your SCBWI BookStop, click on the message “Click Here to Begin”. This takes you to the SCBWI BookStop, where you’ll be doing all your work.


5. Select the template you’d like to use from the scroll down menu of six templates in English and one template in Spanish. A thumbnail of each template will appear next to your selection.  Pick one that represents the tone of your book. Click any thumbnail to see the full size view, and click "Choose (Template Name)" to select it. Then click “Save.” You can select a different template at any time, and all the information you've entered will show in the new template. To preview a new template, simply select the new template, click “Save,” and then click “Preview.”


6. Fill in as much information about your book as you wish to appear on your SCBWI BookStop page from the fields listed: (Remember the more unique the content, the more enticing your page will be to visitors. Get creative! Get weird!)


**Author: Author Name/Names

 Illustrator: Illustrator Name/Names (Leave blank if not applicable)

**Book Title: The title of your book

 Sub Heading: The subtitle, if applicable to your title, e.g. Here’s Hank: Fake Snakes and Weird Wizards

**Book synopsis: A short summary, as what might appear on your book flap or Amazon listing. 100-150 words.

**'Buy the Book' link: Choose the link you'd like your visitors to use: Amazon, IndieBound, your publisher's site, your personal website, etc.

 Social Media Links: A link to your personal website (optional), Facebook link (optional), and Twitter link (optional).

 Traditional Publisher: Choose your publisher from a dropdown list of PAL publishers. If your publisher is not listed, leave the field blank.

 Self Publisher: Type in your publisher in the text box shown. If you wish to leave this field blank, you may do so.

Note: Enter only one publisher – Traditional or Publisher – but not both.  If you do not fill in either publisher field, no publisher will appear on your party page.

 ISBN-10: The reference number assigned to your book. These begin with 0

 ISBN-13: The reference number assigned to your book. These begin with prefix 978

Note: both ISBN-10 and ISBN-13 is not necessary for visitors to purchase your book.

**Release Date:  The day your book is (or was) available for purchase.

**Age Group: Choose from the following categories– Board/Novelty, Picture Book, Leveled Reader, Middle Grade, Young Adult, Chapter Book, Nonfiction, Resource Book, App.

**About the Author: A short bio about yourself. We recommend about 100-300 words.

**Contact Me: Tell readers how they can get in touch with you.

**Reviews: Choose one or two snippets of your favorite reviews, 200-300 words total. If you don’t have any reviews, leave the box blank.

Guestbook: Visitors can sign your guestbook and leave comments. 

**The Additional Media section is the place to make a visual impact by featuring your choice of a video, a photo, or a piece of art. If you choose to add a video, select ‘video’ from the drop-down menu and enter the desired URL. If your video is hosted on YouTube, it will play on your SCBWI BookStop page. If it's hosted on some other site, it will display as a link inside the colored box. You can feature a book trailer, an interview, or just a personal greeting for your readers. When in doubt, record yourself reading a tantalizing passage from the book.

If you would prefer to feature a picture, select ‘image’ from the drop-down menu. The ‘Upload File’ button will appear, which you can click to access the image file on your computer hard drive.

To upload photos click "Upload File" and select the appropriate file on your computer. You have the option to crop the selected photo after you upload it, but you don't have to. You must upload a standard image file—.jpeg, .jpg, .gif or .png (Example: bookcover.png or bookcover.jpeg), and a max filesize of 4 mb.

**One Interesting Fact: This is the spot to feature one last bit of information to capture the reader’s attention. This short message could be a fun fact, the tagline of your book, a personal message, a quote from your book, a short review, an artist’s statement, etc. Be brief, but memorable! 175 characters max.


All details marked with a double asterisk (**) are mandatory


Don’t forget to click “Save” once you have filled in your information.


7. You can change the style, color, and font of any text in the large text boxes. If you’re going to “copy and paste” any text from another source, you’ll need to copy the material, click the “paste as text icon” in the tool bar (the little clipboard image with a T on it) which will make a smaller text box pop up. Paste your material and click “Submit.” 


8. Any information you do not fill in will not appear on your SCBWI BookStop. The only exceptions to this include the ‘About the Author, ‘Contact Me’, and ‘Reviews and Publicity’ boxes, which will appear empty. 


9. To Preview your SCBWI BookStop, click “Preview” to see how your page will appear before it’s published. It will open as a separate page for you to view. Do not close the page where you edit information without saving or you will lose the unsaved work.


10. When are you finished previewing the page and want to return to editing the SCBWI BookStop, simply close the Preview page or tab. If you want to make changes, don’t forget to hit “Save” when you are finished!  



Some frequently asked questions:


Q: I’m having trouble formatting my text. What do I do?

A: If you're having trouble with formatting, it may be because you copy-and-pasted content from another source.

The way to fix this is to use the 'paste as text' icon–it's the icon that looks like a clipboard with the letter 'T' attached to it. Paste your content in the little pop-up window. It will strip out the old formatting so that you have plain text to start with. Then, format that text to your satisfaction.


Q: How do I make spaces between the lines?

A: To fix the line spaces, try hitting the 'space' key once on each line. This will act as an invisible placeholder and your text will look less cluttered.


Q: Can I edit the HTML myself?

A: Yes! You can access the HTML by clicking the 'show source'(<>) icon in any text box.


Q: Can I change the font or color for author name, book title, publisher, etc.?

A: No, the text formatting is permanent to each template in these instances. You can only change the text in the blank text boxes with a toolbar.


Q: Can I put more than one picture in the extra content section?

A: No, the extra content box only allows for one file to be uploaded.


Q: Can I add a photo to one of the text boxes?

A: The templates don’t allow a picture to be inserted into the text boxes.  We suggest adding a picture to the extra content section instead.


Q: What do I put in the ‘one interesting fact’ box?

A: We suggest you get creative and give book browsers something interesting about your story: the inspiration for your book, a fun anecdote, a sneak peek at your next book, a poem, your favorite quote, etc. Just keep it short and sweet!


Q: Can I change the colors or features of the template background?

A: No. SCBWI has designed these templates specifically for the SCBWI BookStop periods and they are consistent with our website functionality.



If you have questions that haven’t been covered above, please contact us at or by calling 323-782-1010.