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Audiobook(See All)
Marjory Kaptanoglu
Marjory Kaptanoglu
Maya and the Turtle: A Korean Fairy Tale
John Stickler
Board/Novelty(See All)
Color, Cut, Create! Dinosaur Worlds
Merrill Rainey
Don’t Cry Duck
Kait Walsh
Breastfeeding All Around The Bay
Jasmine Marquez, MPH, IBCLC
What is Halloween?
Michelle Medlock Adams
How Much Does God Love You?
Michelle Medlock Adams
Chapter Book(See All)
Pixie Tricks 1: Sprite’s Secret
Tracey West
The Winter Princess
Debbie Dadey
Mariana meets Blackbeard
Roger Carlson
Donna L Martin
An Ode to the Grecian Toad
Oswald St. Benedict
Graphic Novel(See All)
Pacey Packer Unicorn Tracker
J. C. Phillipps
Mike Curato
Ida Lewis Guards the Shore: Courageous Kid of the Atlantic
Nadia Hsieh
Dead Max Comix
Dana Sullivan
The Great Chicago Fire
Kate Hannigan
Leveled Readers(See All)
Big Plans: How Not to Hatch an Egg
Jewel La Porte
Shop Time
Bridgette Koll
Max & Mo’s Science Fair Surprise
Patricia Lakin
Everybody Loves Grace
Katy McQuaid
Nurses Are Superheroes Too
C.P. Mitchell
Middle Grade(See All)
Three against the North
Dianna Dorisi Winget
The Ghostly Tales of New England
Carie Juettner
Saint Agnes’ Garden
Diana Lynn Klueh
Fire in Genesee Country
Sally Valentine
The Garden of Wisdom
Michael J. Caduto
Nonfiction(See All)
The Sea Knows
Alice B. McGinty and Alan B. Havis
From an Idea to Disney
Lowey Bundy Sichol
Dear You, Young Girl
Nasheema S. Dixon
A Young Person’s Field Guide to Finding Lost Shipwrecks
Laurie Anne Zaleski
Made By Hand: Steel Drums
Patricia Lakin
Picture Book(See All)
Rachel Tawil Kenyon
How Can I CHANGE That?
Sara Alpern
Matching Costumes
D. G. Driver
Knuckles, Grandma Bea
Sherri Levitt Cadmus
Terry Fox and Me
Mary Beth Leatherdale
Resource Books(See All)
Number Monsters
Emily Joshua
Life Science “Do-Nows” and Exit Tickets: 180 Days of Warm-Up Activities
Gertrude Katz
40 Biology Lab Activities
Gertrude Katz
Where in the Zoo Are You?
Robin Blumenthal
Important Things Every Kid Should Know to Survive Middle School
Sandy Silverthorne
Young Adult(See All)
The Fledgling’s Inferno
Tamar Anolic
The Mysterious Abyss
Nancy Potts
The Last Crabtree Girl
RA Anderson
Vivie’s Secret
Terry Lee Caruthers
Scavenger Night
Alicia Gregoire