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Chapter Book
Nibbles Goes Camping
P.D. Appleton
Nibbles Goes To Grandma’s
P. D. Appleton
Marlon and the Scary Something
Dan Bailes
Marlon Finds A Way
Dan Bailes
Mrs. Potts Finds Thanksgiving
Alice K. Boatwright
Unknown Waters
Cynthia Bordelon
The Adventures of Finn O’Shea
Marian Brennan
Looking for Lily
Kristy Nita Brown
Adorfalina and The Gift of Self-Confidence
Adrianne Carlino Gentile
The Adventures of AstroRex
Marina Dane
Misadventures of Mary Jane
Alexis Djeredjian
Rescuing JFK
Alan C. Elliott
Sophie Washington: Treasure Beach
Tonya Duncan Ellis
Mika’s Quest for the Lost Artifact
Cat Fan
Bullies Friends and Taekwondo
Dr Kathleen M. Favaloro DC PT
Asha and Baz Meet Mary Sherman Morgan
Caroline Fernandez
Mrs. R. Snugglesworth, Attorney-at-Law
Amy Flanagan
The Return to Zennor
Lilac Rosenwyn
Alpine Trilogy – illustrated 3 books in 1 exciting chapter book for children
Gaynor J Greber
David Dixon’s Day as a Dachshund
Kathryn Holmes
Madison Morris is NOT a Mouse!
Kathryn Holmes
Tally Tuttle Turns into a Turtle
Kathryn Holmes
Crystal Child
Carol Kauffman
Billy Bob Flybottom
Susan Kite
Zac’s Mighty Wheels and the Giant Problem
Andrea Kurth
Gail Lenhard
Isabella Castaspella
Parvati Markus
John J McFadden
Mortimer and Me: Moose In Space
Kathie McMahon
Mortimer and Me: The House On Briarwood Lane
Kathie McMahon
Mortimer and Me: The Moosical
Kathie McMahon
Auntie Litter
Pat F. Mitchell
Astrid the Astronaut #1: The Astronomically Grand Plan
Rie Neal
Astrid the Astronaut #2: The Unlucky Launch
Rie Neal
Astrid the Astronaut #3: Hydroponic Hijinks
Rie Neal
Nellie in Knots
Dr. Amy Neeren
¡Hola, Lola! Lola and the New School
Keka Novales
The Silk Road
Douglas Pacheco
The Doors of AfterLater
Gary Pyle
Harmony Meets the World
Erin K. Schonauer & Jamie C. Schonauer
Five and Ten
E.M. Schorb
Adventure on Gallop Ghosts Islands
Mary Ellen Warner
Littlelot and the Rescue of Gwenevere
Stephen Wendell