Society of
Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators

SCBWInvite: Your Community at a Glance

by Lin Oliver


Welcome to SCBWInvite, the newest member benefit we’ve added to the ever growing list of ways SCBWI can serve you.

SCBWInvite, debuting on our website on May 15, is a comprehensive listing of events hosted by SCBWI members all around the world. The events will be organized by location, date and type of event, and made available to SCBWI members and the public.  For writers and illustrators, SCBWInvite will give you the opportunity to invite everyone in our community  to attend your book event, whether it be a launch, a presentation, a speech, a signing or a virtual online event.  For the rest of us, it gives us a chance to attend events, to show up for our colleagues and support their creative dreams.  In short, SCBWInvite gives us another way to be present and participate in each other’s success.

SCBWInvite is very personal to me.  It stems from my belief that we are a community, not just online, but in real life too.  Through our involvement in SCBWI, we form unique professional friendships that enhance our lives in every way. Over the years, it has been my joy to see the bonds that have formed among our members, to witness the enthusiastic way we participate in each other’s creative journeys, how we mentor new arrivals in our field, and support the visionaries.  Many other fields of endeavor are marked by a competitive spirit, but our SCBWI community is special in our commitment to help and support one another. SCBWInvite gives us yet another way to do that.

SCBWInvite will allow you to list any book-related event or appearance as long as it is free of charge, related to children’s literature, and held in a public place.  The listings will be grouped into three categories: USA (separated by state), International (separated by country), and Live Virtual Event. All you have to do to create an event is go to your Member Profile and fill out an electronic form with details such as the time, location, and a brief description of the event. Entice people to come with a colorful description of your program.  Once a listing has been approved by SCBWI staff, it will be uploaded to the SCBWInvite page for everyone to browse and enjoy.  You can list your event as far in advance as you like.

So if you’ve got an event in mind, go to your Member Profile now to create your listing.  Just click SCBWInvite on the lefthand column and follow the prompts to fill in the information; we’ll take it from there.  The first listings will go live on the site on May 15.  For those of you looking for events to attend, you’ll find SCBWInvite under the Events tab on the website’s main menu. 

Let’s all make it a habit to use SCBWInvite to plan our social calendars so that we’re there for one another. If you’re traveling, look up SCBWI invitations at your destination.  If you’re at home and looking for professional stimulation, check out what’s going on in your city.  If you’re on your couch at home, check out the virtual events that you can sign up for.  You’ll learn, you’ll connect and you’ll feel the love and support of your peers.  And make friends in the process.

How lovely will it be to look out on a sea of SCBWI faces at your next event?  To feel the support of your community?  To boost the visibility of the great work we are doing for kids and families? To create a model of an industry that works together for the common good?

My answer is: pretty darn lovely.