Speaker Profile - Alice B. McGinty


Region: Illinois
Age Levels: 5-10 and 11-13
Will Travel: Anywhere in the world
Skype Visit: Yes
SCBWI Profile: Member Profile
Speaker Email: alicebmcginty@gmail.com

Alice B. McGinty is the award-winning author of over 40 books for children, and currently serves as the co-Regional Adviser for the Illinois Chapter of SCBWI. She is celebrating the release of her most recent picture book biography, Gandhi: A March to the Sea (2013, Two Lions Press, illustrated by Thomas Gonzalez). Her previous picture book biography, Darwin (2009, Houghton Mifflin, illustrated by Mary Azarian) won an Orbis Pictus Honor and was listed as one of Booklist's 2009 Top Ten Biographies for Youth. Alice loves to share her enthusiasm for reading and writing - both fiction and nonfiction - with students through engaging and creative workshops and assemblies in schools. She also gives workshops and presentations to writers, teachers, and librarians, and works as a writing coach.

Presentation Description:

“Alice McGinty is an exceptional presenter. Whether the child is in preschool or high school, Alice can hold the audience wit her enthusiasm and quick moving presentations. You won’t be disappointed!” – Diana McGuckin, teacher at Flanagan Grade School
Alice B. McGinty wields her guitar as equally well as her pen. The students loved the participation with the story Ten Little Lambs.” Diane Gustafson, Iroquois West Elementary, Gilman, IL
Alice has collaborated with many local organizations to develop innovative school programming. As well as doing keynote presentations, Alice's school assemblies include:

Catch The Rhythm

Using poetry, spoken language, books, and song, participants will catch the rhythm of language. We’ll write it, draw it, move it, clap it, sing it and drum it!
(Gr. K-3, wkshop or assembly) (IL Goals 25.A.1c, 26.A.1d, 8.A.1a)

What’s So Funny

From outrageous characters and silly situations to pure nonsense, we’ll explore humor in writing and practice the skills you need to make your writing funny.
(Gr. 3-5, workshop or assembly)

How Life Inspires Stories

How do authors take real life events and turn them into books? In this assembly, Alice will explain how she got the ideas for her books and developed them. Students will develop their own group story, meet Cookie, the guinea pig who is the star of Eliza’s Kindergarten Pet, and share several of Alice’s books interactively using music and hand motions. (Gr. K-5 assembly – content will be adapted to fit age range of audience)

A Kindergarten Surprise

In this hands-on workshop, the author reads her books, Eliza’s Kindergarten Surprise and Eliza’s Kindergarten Pet.  Students make a large Mommy doll during the assembly, and meet the “star” character of Eliza’s Kindergarten Pet - a live spotted guinea pig named Cookie. Classes will be given supplies for each student to make a Mommy doll later in the classroom. (Gr. K) (IL Goals 2.B.1a, 2.B.1c, 26.B.1d)

Thank You, World – A Family Story Making Assembly

Hooray for books and stories! This energetic program introduces families to Alice and her books. Using multimedia and group activity, we read several of Alice’s books, talk about story making, and put families to work together making stories. We’ll sing songs, meet Cookie (the guinea pig “star” of Eliza’s Kindergarten Pet) end by reading Thank you, World and making a school Thank you, World souvenir.
(Family Nights, Assemblies, and workshop for Gr. K-5)