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Speaker Profile - Carrie Pearson


Region: Michigan
Age Levels: 5-10, 11-13, and 14-17
Will Travel: Anywhere in the world
Skype Visit: Yes
SCBWI Profile: Member Profile
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Co-Regional Advisor, SCBWI-Michigan. Author of two forthcoming nonfiction picture books (2020 and 2021) and narrative nonfiction picture book STRETCH TO THE SUN: FROM A TINY SPROUT TO THE TALLEST TREE ON EARTH (Charlesbridge 2018), and informational fiction picture books A WARM WINTER TAIL and A COOL SUMMER TAIL (Arbordale).  Recipient of an SCBWI Work of Outstanding Promise (WOOP) grant in 2013. Grand Prize Winner, SCBWI-MI Picture Book Mentorship Competition 2007 with Newbery Award author Lynne Rae Perkins.Author of WHEN CUBA CAME TO MARQUETTE (Michigan History Magazine, Sept/Oct. 2010).  BA early childhood education, University of Michigan. Founder and consultant, Children's Book Connections. Former teacher then director of university-owned early childhood center, business development director for an international corporate finance company, associate director of development for University of Rochester Medical Center, and development officer for Marquette General Health Systems.

Presentation Description:


As a former early childhood teacher, my intention is for every visit to be:
* educational
* aligned with age-specific curriculum, school, and/or classroom or library goals
* fun
* memorable
Each program below can be engineered for ages K-8. Each visit includes Q&A, story reading (if appropriate), and book signing. Possible topics:
The Story Behind the Story (a behind-the-scenes look at how A Warm Winter Tail was born)
- where did the idea come from?
- writing stages (early drafts/sloppy copies, revisions, critiques, final draft)
- what happens at a publishing house and how author, illustrator, and editor work
- students perform A Warm Winter Tail as a play
* Oh, Baby. It's Cold Outside: Animal Adapations to Winter (From the itty-bitty Monarch butterfly to the big old Black Bear, every animal living in a cold climate has amazing strategies for staying warm)
- what's the difference between instinct and learned behavior?
- what are the three main strategies animals use to adapt and survive?
- students perform A Warm Winter Tail as a play
Making the Magic
- idea generation tips and tricks
- how to turn an idea into a story
- plot vs theme: what's the difference?
- dialogue: did he just say that?
- elements of memorable writing (five senses, universal themes, rich language)
Let's Be Funny
- adding humor to writing
- what makes a story funny - or not
- authors and illustrators who make us laugh and how they do it
Taking It To The Next Level
- self-editing (oh, the pain of it)
- partner critiquing (how to's and how to not's)
- what to let go and what to keep and how to know

Fees and Arrangements

I offer single presentation, half-day, full-day, and multiple day options. I can run small classroom workshops or present to large assemblies. Larger groups (above 50 children) are best split by age group (e.g., K-3 and 4-5).
My fees are:
Half Day, Local (Marquette County to one hour away): 2 or 3 presentations/workshops, $300
Full Day, Local (Marquette County to one hour away): 4 or 5 presentations/workshops, $500
Full Day, More Than One Hour Away: 4 or 5 presentations/workshops, $600 (plus transportation and hotel, if necessary)
Multiple Day, Local and Multiple Day, More Than One Hour Away: let's talk!
Single presentation/workshop, Local (Marquette County to one hour away): $150 

Full-day visits can include "something extra" --- maybe lunch with a small group of students, or brief individual classroom visits, or something else that helps make my visit memorable. Full-day visits could be split between two schools in close proximity to each other.

I do give a small discount for incorporating book sales into the event. Please note that book signings need to be arranged so that I can have a special moment with each person. My preference is to arrange book sales with a local bookstore or PTO. If this is not possible, I can offer book sales through an arrangement with my publisher. Either way, a four week lead time is usually necessary.

If you have special needs or would like to discuss other options, please contact me and we'll make it work.
Give me a shout using the contact form or at my email and we'll discuss your interests, needs and timing. I can't wait to meet you!