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Speaker Profile - Jessica Scott Kerrin


Region: Canada: East
Age Levels: 5-10
Will Travel: Anywhere in the world
Skype Visit: Yes
SCBWI Profile: Member Profile
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I am a Canadian children's writer who is best known for my fiction books for young readers, including an eight-book series called Martin Bridge, a trilogy called The Lobster Chronicles, and new mysteries called The Spotted Dog Last Seen and The Missing Dog is Spotted. my new adventure novel, The Things Owen Wrote , my novel about the Space Race called Clear Skies and my first picture book, The Better Tree Fort, which will be translated into multiple languages.

Literary critics from Horn Book, Kirkus Starred Reviews, School Library Journal, the Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail claim that I add much-needed male protagonists to early chapter-book and junior fiction readers.

Presentation Description:

Jessica’s jam-packed presentation to young writers is a behind-the-scenes look at the everyday experiences that she writes stories about. She includes props, audience participation, a short reading and video clips sure to keep students engaged and glued to their seats. They will learn how to identify sources around them for creative inspiration, understand how brainstorming works to launch a writing assignment, discover how to take an idea and shape it into a story, and develop an appreciation for editing and good writing habits.

Jessica is also pleased to deliver virtual presentations via platforms such as Zoom or Google Meet. Fees will be reduced to reflect no travel time.

Reported outcomes following her visits include an increase in library borrowing, an enhanced understanding of the writing process, a surge in creativity, and, the application of new techniques for creative writing. Often, students will declare that they'll be writers when they grow up, too!

For grades K-3: SENSES. Her new picture book, The Better Tree Fort, will be featured. She shares an interest in birding with the characters in this story. She will include a fun mini-lesson about local bird songs during her presentation that encourages young writers to use all their senses.

For grades 4-6: DETAILS. Her new novel, Clear Skies, is a historic novel that depicts the 1960s space race to the Moon. She will use this story to demonstrate the importance of including accurate facts and engaging details for better fiction.

For grades 4-6: STORY IDEAS. Her travel adventure novel, The Things Owen Wrote, explores the relationship between a boy and his ailing grandfather. She features this novel in her presentation to demonstrate where she gets her story ideas.

Maximum number of students per session: 40 – 200 (flexible)

Preferred venues: library or auditorium work best

Equipment requirements: The venue will provide a table for Jessica’s equipment, a microphone for groups over 100, and a screen or whiteboard. Jessica brings the rest (her own projector, speakers, and laptop).