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Speaker Profile - Sharon Skinner


Region: Arizona
Will Travel: Anywhere in my country
Skype Visit: Yes
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SHARON SKINNER is an author, freelance editor, and certified book coach. She grew up in a small town in northern California where she spent most of her time reading books, making up plays, and choreographing her own musicals (when she wasn’t busy climbing trees and playing baseball). She has been writing stories since fourth grade, filling page after page with fantastical creatures, aliens, monsters and, of course, heroes. She loves reading, drawing, arts and crafts, sewing, and costume-making (especially Steampunk). She lives in Arizona with her husband and four lovable cats. Her website is

Presentation Description:

SCHOOL VISITS: Rocket Shoes! Picture Book with Stem Activities


Title: Hook New Readers: Presenting Your Work to the Public (90 minutes)

Target Audience: Newly Published Authors

Length: 1.5 hours

Equipment Requirements: Power Point Projector, Projector Screen

This workshop is designed for writers looking to develop a professional presence and increase audience through personal appearances. The workshop will include information on creating a professional, yet portable display system and how to engage potential readers and methods for engaging more readers (and buyers) faster, including a hands-on approach for developing the perfect quick pitch for relaying the heart of your story in a compelling manner in 30 seconds or less.


Title: The Struggle and the Pay Off: Forging a Strong Character and Plotting a Powerful Conclusion

Target Audience: Adults Writing Fiction

Length: 3.5 hours

Equipment Requirements: Power Point Projector, Projector Screen

Background: The ideal novel combines both a strong plot and genuine characters readers will connect with, but it is often difficult to identify and write the ideal ending. Characters must be fully developed in a believable way to ensure they are prepared for the final challenge at the Climax of the story. Additionally, no matter how masterfully written the story is, if the ending is a letdown it colors and minimizes everything that came before.

Purpose/Description: This creative writing workshop will provide techniques for getting to the heart of the story, finding the thematic meaning in the characters’ experiences, and discovering how character development and plot points drive the story to a satisfying conclusion.