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Speaker Profile - Steve Heron


Region: Australia West
Age Levels: 5-10 and 11-13
Will Travel: Anywhere in the world
Skype Visit: No
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Books to touch and tickle hearts.

When he's not shooting marshmallows out of a home-made cannon or hanging out with the local magpie population, Steve uses his forty years of experience working with children in social and emotional wellbeing to cultivate and underpin his writing. 

He blends the elements of heart, hope, humour and help to create children's books that touch and tickle hearts.

  • Middle-grade novel 1000 Snapshots Playtime Books (Shawline Publishing) – November 2021 (Shortlisted Western Australian Premiers Book Awards 2021)
  • Picture book, Where Ya Goin’? Wild Eyed Press – August 2021
  • Picture book, Ling Li’s Lantern MidnightSun 2020 (Winner of Picture Book all ages category in the Northern Lights Book Awards 2021)
  • Maximus, first middle-grade novel - Serenity Press 2018
  • Series of six picture books in the Feel Safe Feel Right Series (Self Published) 2007

Diploma of Children’s Writing and Publishing 2015 Australian College.

Founder of Nurture Works and the acclaimed ‘BUZ – Build Up Zone’ programs.

Order of Australia Medal 2016 for contribution to the social and emotional wellbeing of children.

  • Picture book Harold the Horrid was shortlisted with 2017 Greenleaf Buds Writing competition
  • Short story The Money Pouch was longlisted in the BUZZWords Magazine Short Story competition 2018

Children’s Author @ Big Sky Readers and Writers Festival Geraldton, Words in The Valley Readers and Writers festival Bridgetown and Children’s Author in residence @ Carnarvon 2019. Margaret River Readers and Writers Festival 2022

A champion of wellbeing for children, he has been called an affirmative vandal and a hooligan of hope.

A champion of wellbeing for children.

Solid social media platforms and creative, experienced presenter in schools and libraries.

Member of SCBWI, ASA, Writing WA, CBCA WA.

Presentation Description:


1. Where Ya Goin'? Workshop for (6 to 9 year-olds) (1 hr)

  • A fun creative workshop
  • Celebrating and exploring the nature of togetherness and friendship
  • Marshmallow roasting and mallow cannon.
  • Based on the picture book “Where Ya Goin’?” by Steve Heron
  • (Illustrated by Matty Mitchell)
  • Where is Echidna Going in his rickety old bus with a big bag of marshmallows
  • The journey of creating a picture book
  • Writing humorous stanzas about Aussie creatures.
2. Let Your Kindness Shine (For 6 to 9 year-olds) (45mins to 1 hr)

  • Join Ling Li on her quest to show her wisdom.
  • An enlightening workshop that will help children fill the world with compassion.
  • Based on the picture book “Ling Li’s Lantern” by Steve Heron
  • (Illustrated by Benjamin Johnston)
  • Wisdom without compassion is like a lantern without a flame.
  • 15 mins extension – lantern decorating (extra $2 per child)
3. Nursery Crimes, Slimes and Nursery Wrongs 
- The (F) Art of Writing Funny Stuff  (8 to 12 year-olds) (1hr) 

  • What do Kids find funny?
  • Understanding and using literary devices for writing humour.
  • An hilarious workshop that will split kids’ sides and help them to write creative funny stuff. 
4. Grow Your Writing Wings (9 to 12 year-olds) (1 to 1.5 hr)

• Introduction to the author ‘Steve Heron’.
• An emotional literary escapade based on the book ‘MAXIMUS’.
• Helping middle-grade children not be alone with their feelings.
• Exploring emotions through descriptive writing. (Show don’t tell)
Sometimes you need a special friend to give you wings …

5. WOW Workshop - Wilberforce Oswald Wordbender's Astounding Athenaeum of Weird, Wacky, Wonderful and Whimsical Words. 

(10 to 13 year-olds) (3 hours)

• Writing will never be so much fun. Laugh until your sides split.
• Write like you have never written before.
• This extended workshop includes: Literary devices, Alliteration, Rhymes, Wordology, Poetry, Haiku, Cinquain, Puns, Jokes, Tongue Twisters, Nonsense Words and more, in a creative and fun exposition of buffoonery and writery brilliance.

6. Stuff Sucks Workshop - Vanquishing the unvanquished Truths

(9 to 12 year-olds) (1 to 1.5 hr)

• A short exploration of ‘Freak the Mighty’ – by Rodman Philbrick.
• Readings and references from ‘MAXIMUS’.
• Expressing the tough stuff through writing.
• Journaling, poetry and conquering the unvanquished truths.

7. Anzac Respect – (9 to 12 year-olds) (1 hr)

(Australian term 1 and early term 2 only)

An interactive presentation based on the Anzac references in Maximus.
• Unpacking Mitch’s Anzac Project Swag
• Anzac Respect Poetry and Anzac Day memories
• Writing about heroes and symbols of Anzac
• Some short readings from the Maximus
I have permission from the Department of Veteran’s Affairs to use the word Anzac.

8. Don't Press My Buttons (5 to 8 year-olds) (1 hour)

An investigation of feelings based on the (yet to be published) book ‘Don’t Press My Buttons’.
Branson discovers his BREATHE button and decides to be the boss of his feelings.
Explores principles of emotional intelligence, body language and self-regulation.
These concepts are crafted in a fun way that children can embrace. Includes singing, writing, and button pressing.

NEW in late 2021

I have a new book coming out in November (TBC) which will have an associated workshop.

  • 1000 Snapshots – Middle-Grade novel – the second book in the Bayside Blues series (The first being Maximus) – A story about hope, grief, friendships and pre-adolescence. (Published by Playtime Books – Shawline Publishing Group)

Available for whole week residencies.

Staff PD, parent talks and adult workshops

  • A Children’s Book is a Compass – talk/workshop (30 mins to 1 hr)
  • Ling Li’s Lantern – The Journey of a picture book from idea to publication (45m – 1 hr)
  • Writing Dashing Dialogue Adult writing workshop on the art of dialogue (1.5 hrs)
  • Writing What’s Real and Unreal in Kids Books (1.5 hrs)
    • Writing realistic fiction and unreal kids picture books
  • Descriptive Writing and Show Don’t Tell Workshop for adults (1.5 hrs)
    • (Adult version of Grow Your Writing Wings Workshop)
  • Balancing the Power – Beyond Bullyproofing (1.5 hrs)
    • The Art of Social Confidence in Children
  • Agro and Emo – Helping kids on the emotional rollercoaster (1.5 hrs)
    • Practical Emotional Intelligence with children
  • Helping Kids solve Fights and Restore Relationships (1.5 hrs)
    • The BUZ Hopscotch method of conflict resolution and restorative justice
  • Parent or Teacher Presentation on the Socio-Emotional Learning in Maximus (1.5 hrs)
    • & the Five Nutrients for Social & Emotional Wellbeing