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Speaker Profile - Sucheta Rawal


Region: Southern Breeze (AL, GA, and the FL panhandle)
Age Levels: 5-10, 11-13, and 14-17
Will Travel: Anywhere in the world
Skype Visit: Yes
SCBWI Profile: Member Profile
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Sucheta Rawal is an author with a mission to raise awareness of different cultures to bring understanding and curiosity for the world. Drawing from her own experience of traveling to 100 countries across 7 continents, Sucheta has authored a series of children’s illustrative books – Beato Goes To. The stories, based on her real cat, Beato and her actual travels, inspire young readers to learn about different countries, as well as develop their own wanderlust. 


Sucheta often visits elementary schools, reading her books – Beato Goes To GreenlandBeato Goes To IsraelBeato Goes To Indonesia, Beato Goes To Japan, and the latest release – Beato Goes To Brazil. In each book, Sucheta tackles important issues such as protecting habitat of endangered wildlife, respecting elders and teacher, taking care of the environment, and appreciating diversity, in a fun and educational approach. 


Sucheta has appeared on NPR, ABC, FOX, The New York Times, Huff Post, and Global Atlanta, among others. She is a regular contributor to CNN, Travel+Leisure, and Atlanta Magazine. Sucheta was named “Georgia State University’s 40 Under 40 alumna” in 2018, “40 Under 40 best and the brightest” by Georgia Trend magazine in 2016. Sucheta was invited by the U.S. Embassy in Romania to represent the United States at BookFest Bucharest in 2018, and nominated for Georgia’s Author of the Year Award in 2018 and 2020.


Originally from India, Sucheta started discovering the world when she moved to United States after high school. She resides in the suburbs of Atlanta with her husband and her cat, Beato.

Presentation Description:

Sucheta is passionate about educating young readers about the world and sharing her own personal stories from her travels. Invite her to classrooms, libraries and bookstores for writing workshops, story time and book signings. Sucheta has inspired kids ages K-12, college students and adults to write, travel and give back to the community.

Additionally, Sucheta has given keynote addresses and motivational speeches at conferences, graduation ceremonies, corporate lunch and learn programs, awards receptions, leadership groups, food festivals, cooking expos, travel shows, study abroad programs and more. She has spoken in Italy, South Korea, India and across the US.

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Sample Visits for K-7:

15 mins - Skype video call for classrooms and book clubs. Meet the author and ask your questions about the books. Many schools are using my books as part of their curriculum and this is a great opportunity to hear the story behind the story.

30 minutes - Book reading of one of my books: Beato Goes to Greenland, Beato Goes to Israel, or Beato Goes to Indonesia. I talk about how I got inspired to write books, and show photos of the main character (my real-life cat, Beato), other characters (Ruso the dog), and illustrations from the book (which are based on my own travels). Kids get excited to see the parallels between Beato and myself, as we ride a chopper and see a humpback whale.

45 mins - With younger kids, I also talk about different aspects of a book, introducing them to what is an author and illustrator, genre, cover, publisher, etc.

1 hour - In addition to above, I walk them through the writing and illustration process - how to expand on an idea, create characters, use imagination vs. real life situations, work with an editor, create manuscript, approach publisher, market their books.

2 hours - Above plus writing workshops where we develop stories together. Class may be divided into authors and illustrators to work on a story concept as a group or individually.

High School and College Students:

I generally give 45-minutes presentation about my life - growing up in India, college life in Atlanta, and finding my passion for writing, traveling and entrepreneurship. Broadly, I speak about my career as a food and travel writer (traveling to 70+ countries), nonprofit organization, Go Eat Give (which raises diversity awareness) and my books, Beato Goes To (that teach kids about travel and culture). I inspire students to identify and pursue their passion, even if it means carving out a niche career.

Parents and Teachers:

I have offered several workshops on how to raise kids in a diverse environment. Discussions include cultural sensitivity, resources available in the community, cheap travel abroad opportunities, and fun ways to teach kids about the world. I have hosted numerous cultural events, taken people on volunteer abroad tours, and worked with consulates and tourism departments from all around the world. My sessions have been highlighted by The Huffington Post and The Atlantic Institute.

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