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The SCBWI Needs Your Help!


In order for the SCBWI to continue to receive funds from the Authors Coalition of America (ACA), we’re asking  all of our published author, illustrator, and translator members to fill out a brief survey about what type of work you have published.


The survey takes just a minute, can now be filled out on our website in your Member Home, and will allow SCBWI to receive money that goes directly to member benefits that boost your career and help the entire children’s literature community. As a 501c3 organization with 26,000 members, the SCBWI depends on these funds from the ACA in order to provide more events, programming, grants, scholarships, and website improvements than we could with member dues alone.


Log in to, go to your Member Home, and click on the Author Coalition Survey link on the left hand side.


For more information on what the Authors Coalition of America is and the other organizations that participate, click here.


Thanks for helping SCBWI to achieve our mission—to support the creation and availability of quality children’s books in every region of the world.