Society of
Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators


WIP Awards – Submissions


Submissions will close on April 15, Midnight PDT 2022.

Upload PDFs only. We will NOT accept Word Documents. Please follow the below instructions carefully and completely.


Your FIRST PDF should be a one-page cover letter/synopsis of the work. 250 words maximum. Please feel free to give away the ending.

Label this document in the following style: Category_First Name_Last Name_synopsis (e.g., PB_Carlos_Ruiz_synopsis).

Your SECOND PDF must include a cover page and the first ten pages of your completed manuscript.

  • On your cover page, include: 
    • Your name
    • Manuscript title
    • Grant category
  • For the first ten pages of your ms, include:
    • Page numbers in the bottom right corner
    • Name (First_Last) in the upper right corner of all 10 pages
    • Double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font
    • Your sample cannot exceed ten pages. Your second PDF should total 11 pages (cover page + 10 ms pages)

Please label this PDF as Category First Name_Last Name; e.g., MG Mary_Ford.pdf.