TIMBERRR…A History of Logging in New England

Mary Cowan

This colorful history for young readers traces the New England logging industry from its beginnings to the major American industry that it is today. Logging was vital to the first European settlers’ survival and conflicts arose with Great Britain over mast pines. Woven into that mast trade is the development of the lumberjack and the river driver. Fascinating processes of cutting trees, transporting logs, and sawing them into lumber are described, and eleven vignettes portray the day-to-day lives of woods workers. Industrial advancements are introduced, and the book concludes with thought-provoking issues about the future of our forests.  Timberrr features more than 50 black-and-white photographs, and includes a timeline, a glossary, and a map. Suggested Ages/Grades: 10-up/ Grade 5 and up. With teacher assistance, the many illustrations and vignettes make it valuable for Grades 3-4 as well.

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Millbrook Press (Lerner Publishing Group)



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