Truly Grateful

Elsabe Ebersohn

Are you interested in helping your child to access powerful personal development tools to help them to feel more confident, happier, and reach their highest potential? Personal Development is powerful and the world is waking up to this. Never before has the value of daily practises been so available to us through personal growth advocates, podcasts and social media, but often these are limited to adults. With schools introducing concepts such as gratitude in the early years, now is a great time to support their learning of personal development at home. Mindfulness helps children to: - Form healthy relationships - Learn how to set healthy boundaries - Feel empowered by developing the skill to trust themselves Why wait for them to discover these tools much later in life when responding to life’s challenges (like we have) when they can start learning in the younger years? Truly Grateful is a truly inspiring Children’s Picture Book designed for Under 8s that interweaves practices of gratitude into this gentle personal development introduction. Get your copy of Truly Grateful now!

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