Billy Bobble And The Witch Hunt

Robert Mellette

Science Fiction

Knowledge is Power! It’s hard enough to be thirteen years old and already in high school without having to fight evil at every turn. It's even harder to do that while trying to get your memory back from a magic spell cast by a villainous physics teacher. Even without their memories Billy Bobble and his best friend, Suzy Quinofski, know something is not right with the world. Their textbooks have been changed. Their parents aren't acting right. Their teachers are afraid, and Billy and Suzy are in each other's dreams. When their history teacher is fired during class for answering a question from their dreams, Billy and Suzy, get their memories back and it all makes sense. Evil has been unleashed upon the human race, and only Billy, Suzy, and their friends and families can stop it.

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Elephant's Book Shelf Press

Publishing date

Sep 11, 2016


FantasyFictionScience Fiction



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