Shade; a story about a very smart raven

Diane Phelps Budden

Soaring gracefully through Sedona’s blue skies, ravens are fascinating birds to watch, and display a cleverness that can be, yes, almost human in its use to gain food and shelter. I wrote this story for children, "Shade: a Story About a Very Smart Raven," because I am amazed by these beautiful birds and the heart-warming connection possible between birds and humans. The tale is inspired by a true story that local resident Emily Cory shared with the author. Emily based her master’s thesis on the feasibility of using ravens, much like canines, to assist search-and-rescue teams locate hikers lost in the desert. Ravens are one of the smartest birds in the world, great at solving problems, and able to form strong bonds with humans. Ravens are also known for their excellent eyesight. Because there is little written for children about ravens, this book provides children with a new appreciation of these “backyard” birds found throughout Arizona, the West, and many parts of the world.

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