If You Are a Kaka, You Eat Doo Doo

Sara Cramb

*Selected to the Outstanding Science Trade Books for Students K-12 for 2017 list, a cooperative project of the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) and the Children’s Book Council**Selected by Chicago Public Library Best Informational Books for Younger Readers of 2016*Wombat poos are box-shaped to stay where they’re deposited andserve as messages to other animals. Baby golden tortoise beetles pilepoop on their backs to create a shield as protection from predators.Silver-spotted skipper caterpillars can shoot their poops 40 times theirown body length to conceal their true locations. Baby hoopoes squirttheir poops into the eyes of attackers—and who wants feces in theirfaces? Baby ozark blind cave salamanders use gray bat guano for food.The bottom (!!) line: ever-inventive Nature finds a thousand usesfor poop. Nothing goes to waste (!!). This book is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser with a lot of information to share.

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