Smithsonian Young Explorers Fact Book & Floor Puzzle: 50 States

Sara Cramb

Which state flag was designed by a thirteen-year-old?Which state lets you keep any gems you find while mining at the Crater of Diamonds State Park?And which state is home to the second most-visited house in America?Journey across the country with the Smithsonian and learn all about what makes our nation so great with Smithsonian Young Explorers: 50 States. This alphabetically arranged compendium of state trivia contains information on state birds, animals, and flowers, famous state residents, and a gaggle of fun facts.Once kids 6 and up have become experts on Alabama through Wyoming, they can have more fun assembling the included 130-piece puzzle of the United States. The adorably illustrated puzzle and map gives kids extra opportunities to learn about the 50 states and basic geography. And once kids are ready to see the states themselves, the book, puzzle, and map all tuck neatly into a snap-shut suitcase, ready to hit the road.

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