Just a Minute More

Joseph Luther

Our lives are measured in minutes. As adults, we spend them without a thought, usually while our minds are on other things. But for children, they last forever. It's in those moments that we learn about kindness, joy, sharing, and forgiveness - all the things that make us who we are.Just a Minute More is the perfect book for children and the ones who love them! Treasured by the very young for its comforting verse and rhythmic flow, this timeless story will also tug the heartstrings of the grown-ups who read with them, again and again.Take your little one along to experience life's precious moments through the eyes of a diverse mix of families. From infancy to adulthood, this heartwarming story celebrates all the little moments that we wish could last "just a minute more." Young children will learn to appreciate the passage of time. Adults will be reminded to treasure it all.

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