Ocean Animals and Their Ecosystems: A Nature Reference Book for Kids

Sara Cramb

Meet marine animals and their ecosystems―a book of ocean exploration for kids 8 to 12The ocean covers 71 percent of the Earth’s surface―and it’s swimming with wild and beautiful marine animals. Packed with beautiful photos and interesting facts, this guide goes beyond other nature books for kids, taking you under the sea and into the homes of incredible ocean dwellers.This guide takes you into vibrant coral reefs, jagged coastlines, and icy polar regions. You’ll explore how each ecosystem has changed, discover amazing ocean animals through exciting photos, and learn how a rich biodiversity contributes to a healthy ecosystem.This standout among nature books for kids includes:Packed with ocean animals―From powerful sharks to smart octopuses to fascinating deep sea creatures, swim with ocean animals and get to know them through fun facts, such as their diet, lifespan, and weight.Into the deep―Dive deeper than other nature books for kids with in-depth looks at the world’s oceans, their ecosystems, and their habitats.Stunning photographs―Vivid, big, colorful photographs not found in other nature books for kids give you an up-close look at these wonderful marine animals and their environment.If you’re looking for nature books for kids but aren’t sure where to start, this guide will let you swim with and save our marine friends!

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