The Adventures of Little Miss Crazy Hair - The Girl with Curl

Chris Garcia-Halenar

The Adventures of Little Miss Crazy Hair – The Girl with Curl was inspired by our beautiful niece Vivian – our very own Little Miss Crazy Hair.  The book chronicles a week in the life of Little Miss Crazy Hair who along with her best friend, her dog Duke, escape on wild and wonderful daily adventures resulting from the decision of how she will wear her wonderful, curly hair. She serves tea as a Princess.  She refines her poise and grace as a Prima ballerina.  She bravely sails the Nile.  She explores the depths of the jungle.  She even ventures into the skies to pilot her friends and fly over her home town. But the daily adventures are not just about hairstyles, thrills and excitement.  Accompanying LMCH and Duke, is a group of their BEE Buddies who are embedded in the illustration and point to key learnings resulting from their adventure.  Among the learnings highlighted are:  BEE Polite, BEE Determined, BEE Yourself and BEE Brave.  Together they create Little Miss Crazy Hair’s 7 BEEs. The BEEs are not called out in the book’s manuscript.  Instead, the BEEs are a discovery for both the child and the reader.  The depth of discussion regarding each BEE is left to the audience as it relates to each child’s personal journey.

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